Meet US
Meet Us
A Message from Tasha Smith

Hi friends and welcome to my new website,! I'm so excited to share my new organic fragrance with everybody called US. For many years, I was indecisive about what my signature fragrance should be.

I found myself at department stores for hours trying to figure out what I wanted to smell like. After countless hours of dragging my husband to fragrance counters, one day he said to me “Why don't we create our own fragrance so that you can have your own smell instead of having me at the fragrance counter all day?”...That's exactly what we did!

We partnered with a chemist and came up with this amazing citrusy floral scent that just so happens to be unisex for everybody to enjoy! My husband and I wear US everyday and people stop us everywhere we go to ask what scent we are wearing. Please enjoy US as much as we enjoy US (smile) and tweet me @TashaSmith4Real to let me know what you think!

Love always and continue to DREAM BIG!

-Tasha Smith